365 Days of Latino Heritage

Latino Heritage Month has been commodified and commercialized with the real meaning behind heritage and history lost in a push to make Latinos spend and make us a brand. We are not a brand. We are not a marketing demographic. We are a complex mescla of people, culturas y lenguas.

Originally this started as a project for Latino Heritage Month, 2009 pero because our lives as Latinos, Latin Americans and the other names we respond to in our hearts are live every day, this is 365 days of Latino heritage.

Compiled and Curated
By Maegan la Mamita Mala Ortiz of VivirLatino

Martes Media Minute : Roe v. Wade Anniversary, Medicaid Mama y Midwife Victory, Cervical Cancer Awareness month, & Mala’s Mami Closeup

Following last week’s liveblog of a conversation on cervical cancer and Latin@s, Bianca Laureano shares her ideas for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month 2012 onwhat really needs to happen to end the disease.

We are celebrating along with Mamas of Color Rising in Texas the decision of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to make a rules change that adds Licensed Midwives as health care providers under Texas Medicaid. All mam@s deserve the birth experience they want regardless of income.